The term Csángó that we use is applied to the ethnic group of Hungarians living in Moldavia, Romania. Many famous Romanian historians [Radu ROSETTI, Dimitrie CANTEMIR, Nicolae IORGA, Gh. I. NASTASE, Constantin C. GIURESCU] pointed out that the Csángós are of Hungarian origin. They must have arrived in Moldavia before the 15th century, but not sooner than the 13th century.

According to the Latin work of Dimitrie Cantemir Descriptio Moldavie, Moldavian Hungarians are persons who follow the Roman Catholic faith and keep to their own ancient language, though they are familiar with Moldavian Romanian as well. They kept their language and their traditions up to this day.

However, this rich and somehow mystical Csángó culture is about to disappear, as a result of the Communist assimilation politics that caused the forced stoppage of Hungarian teaching in 1955. It’s been almost 50 years since people were compelled to adapt the oficial language in public spheres and even inside their courtyard.

As a consequence there’s the tendency of giving up/forgetting Hungarian language as a mother tongue. In some villages only the old ones talk their ancestors’ language, the children already using Romanian.

If soon nothing happens regarding this issue, by losing their forefathers’ language, we are to assist the slow disappearance of this specific and unique Csángó culture.

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We began our activity of Hungarian language vivification in the year 2001. Then we had two groups in two villages. A year later we started in seven [five new] villages. We had then 9 groups who learnt Hungarian as a mother language in elementary school. From the fall of 2004 the number of the groups has raised to 25 in nine [9] villages. At the moment we work in 13 villages with the help of 26 mentors, giving the children the chance to get acquinted with the Hungarian language and culture: different dances, handicrafts, songs. Unfortunately these youngsters who like to study in Hungarian, don’t have any possibility to learn further in Hungarian be it a vocational or a high-school close to their home. We can only offer for some of them the chance to continue their study in Transilvania in Hungarian vocational- or high-schools.

Be the Godfather, Godmother of a Csángó Pupil!

The overall cost of a pupil who studies in Moldavia, that includes the teachers’ recompense, teaching articles [pens, coloured pencils, copybooks, watercolour, beeds, clay etc], the reimbursement of the class [electricity, wood, rent], the wages of trips and of the annual Christmas and end-of-year presents is 150 $. The overall cost of a pupil who studies in Transilvania is 600 $. This includes the dormitory fees, as weel as the compensation of their meals [three times/day] and their pedagogues’ wages.

There is this local custom of Csángó villagers to call each other Godfather, Godmother, even when there can’t be traced this kind of relationship between the persons. Regarding this regional habbit we ask for your godfathership.

Be the Godfather, Godmother of one or more Csángó pupil. By giving your help, you let us improve and extend our programme for the benefit of these youngsters, as well as for the Csángó culture. If you can afford to contribute to one of our Csángó youngster education, please do it by using bancal transfer. Your help goes through the ASSOCIATION OF CHANGO-HUNGARIANS IN MOLDAVIA bank account, which organization also supervises our activity.

This contribution does not mean we’ll give money directly to the children, but means that we are in the position of offering them more colourful activities than initially. It also includes the possibility [that we encourage] to meet face-to-face Csángó persons, get acquinted with their everyday life and why not, make new friends. This relationship is benevolent for both of the pupil, as well as for you: the children and their family strengthen their Csángó identity, increases their language development and it enriches you with their kindness and simplicity.

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